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Coleman Exponent Xpert Stove

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

“”This 4-season stove operates a butane-propane cartridge that has a patented fuel extraction system that delivers steady performance at all temperatures and altitudes. Lightweight and durable aluminum and magnesium alloy components. The aluminum cartridges can be punctured when empty with the included “Green Key” and then crushed and recycled. The stoves are adjustable from simmer to high.”"

That’s what another website has to say about it anyway. You can’t get this stove from the Coleman store anymore since its an older model. I got it on a clearance sale for 20$ a few years ago and have used it many times since then.  The only beef I have with it is you have to use the powermax fuel if you don’t buy their adapter.  And powermax fuel isn’t the easiest thing to come by, it took me a year to find a store around here that had it.  So I had this stove just sitting there for the longest time that I couldn’t use.  I eventually broke down and bought the adapter for it so I could use the standard fuel canisters, shortly after that I was looking around in my local sporting goods store and noticed they had the powermax fuel that I had searched for so diligently.  Go figure, at least now I have the option to use either fuel type.
Other than the fuel issue its a great little stove. pretty lightweight, and durable. Though not the smallest stove, it gets the job done quickly and efficiently, boiling water in just over 3 minutes.  I cant remember the exact times the canisters are rated for. but you can run it full blast for an hour and not run out of fuel.  Which comes in handy for those long simmering back country stews that are so good.

Overall if your looking for a cheaper stove that gets the job done and if your store carrys the powermax fuel canisters than its a good buy.  But if your looking for something more lightweight and more multi-fuel then I would look elsewhere.

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